Meet Lorenzo

👋 Hey everyone , my name is Lorenzo > lollo.mua

Lorenzo (@lollo.mua) is a 22 year old beauty lover! He loves to share skincare routines, makeup looks and hacks which has reached almost 30k followers on Instagram.

Lorenzo has struggled with acne for a very long time and felt some of his followers could relate. This has motivated him to turn this into his full-time job where he can continue to share beauty content including skin routines that have helped with his skin and self confidence.

Skin type: Oily / Acne Prone



I start my morning skincare routine by using a foaming cleanser, I like to really massage it into my skin to create a nice soft foam, almost like a cloud!

Resurfacing Pumpkin & Willow Bark Gel Mask

Second step, when needed I love to use one of my favourite face masks. Once a week usually on a monday, I use the TRUE Skincare Resurfacing Pumpkin & Willow Bark Gel Mask. I leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then I rinse it away with water.

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Hydrating Blossom & Pine Toner

I then go with a face toner, I love the TRUE Skincare Hydrating Blossom & Pine Toner, I usually apply it directly into the palm of my hands and gently tap it into my face.

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Hydrate and Protect

I complete my morning routine with a caffeine based eye cream and a 50+ SPF to protect my skin from sun damage.

Top Tip

Lorenzo enjoys reaching out for a facial tool to massage in his serums to increase the skin's ability to absorb the great benefits from the product while also allowing him to relax in a moment of self care.


Double Cleanse

I usually like to start by taking off my makeup, a double cleanse is a must!

Hydrating Blossom & Pine Toner

After cleansing, I like to go with the same face toner that I use in the morning, TRUE Skincare's Hydrating Blossom & Pine Toner. I usally put a few drops straight into the palms of my hands and gently pat them over my face.

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1% Hyaluronic Acid Complex

And then I go in with one of my favourite serums ever which is the True Skincare 1% Hyaluronic Acid Complex and really massage it into my skin by using a  face tool – most days I reach for my guasha.

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The last step of my evening skincare routine is to apply a jelly consistency night cream over my enitre face and neck.

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