• Meet Khyati

    Skin type: Dehydrated / Oily, prone to blemishes.

    A good skincare routine creates the perfect base for this MUA!

    view Khyati's routine 
  • Meet Isla

    Skin type: Dehydrated /
    Acne Prone

    Interested in a 100% cruelty free beauty routine?

    view Isla's routine 
  • Meet Lorenzo

    Skin type: Oily / Acne Prone

    lollol.mua shares how he is combatting his acne prone skin

    view Lorenzo's routine 
  • Meet Emma

    Skin type: Dehydrated

    Emma lets us in on her secrets for a healthy complexion

    view Emma's routine 
  • Meet Carly

    Skin type: Dehydrated /
    Acne Prone

    Look out for Carly's hints about upcoming launches for 2023!

    view Carly's routine 

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