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Founded on the moral principles of being honest and genuine, True Skincare fights industry exclusion with ethical, effective and purse-friendly products
— Amazing PR Blog

With so little legislation and regulation regarding "natural" and "organic" beauty product claims, it's easy for us to be misled through deceptive messaging, clever marketing and a high price tag. Honesty has always been part of my character and this is why transparency is so important to me. Having launched in the summer of 2018, the products within the TRUE range are completely natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan friendly, without compromising on elegance and efficacy through the best of nature's ingredients.

Having worked in the premium beauty sector for a selection of high profile brands, it became evident how much emphasis the industry was putting on exclusivity. Exclusivity with regards to availability and price. It made me question – why can’t something look beautiful, be effective, honest and ethical, yet accessible? And this is how TRUE was born, because beauty should be inclusive, not exclusive.

Welcome to the TRUE story.

Emma xx

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