Are TRUE products certified organic?
All TRUE products use organically grown ingredients or COSMOS approved ingredients. We are proud to be a Certified Organic brand by the Soil Association.

How natural are TRUE products?
All of the products within the TRUE skincare range products are 99-100% natural and do not contain any parabens or harsh chemicals.

Are TRUE products suitable for vegans?
All of our products are suitable for vegans. Unlike many brands, even our challenge testing is conducted using only plant-based vegan culture.

Are TRUE products Halal?
We do not use any ingredients which are prohibited in Islam - such as animal-derived ingredients, certain alcohols and GMOs -in any of our products, however we are not a certified Halal brand.

Are TRUE products tested on animals?
No. We have never, and will never, test on animals. We are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved by Cruelty Free International.

Do any of the TRUE products contain palm oil?
No, none of our products contain palm oil. We vet all of our suppliers to ensure that there are no palm oil derivatives in our ingredients, including the Glycerin we use, which can often be derived from palm oil without the need to declare this on the INCI list.

Can I recycle TRUE product packaging?
We use glass and card wherever possible. Please do recycle our bottles, droppers, cartons and gift boxes. For some stockists, we are required to cellowrap our products, however we only use Natureflex cellophane, which is 100% compostable. We also use corn starch chips as void filler in our customer orders which are 100% biodegradable and can even be dissolved in water. Please help us save our planet by recycling our packaging.

Where can I purchase TRUE products?
You can purchase the range through one of our amazing stockists including Holland and Barrett, LookFantastic.com, FeelUnique, Ocado,  Boots online and Birchbox. We have decided to remove TRUE from Amazon for the time being. And of course, you can purchase directly from us through our website! Click here for our full list of stockists.

Are TRUE products suitable for sensitive skin?
All of our products are 99%-100% natural, certified organic and do not contain any harsh chemicals or parabens. Although our products are gentle, if you suffer from severe sensitivity, skin disorders or allergies, we recommend you consult your doctor or dermatologist and/or conduct a patch test. All of our ingredients are listed on the product pages, so please do check these before making your purchase.

Do you use essential oils in your formulations?
Yes, our products do contain carefully selected essentials oils to help the skin and mind, however the concentrations of these are very low (less than 1.5%).

Are TRUE products suitable for use during pregnancy?
TRUE products are considered safe for use during pregnancy as the concentration of essential oils used in our products are extremely low. Our products are naturally fragrant which is something to consider if you are very sensitive to smell. We would always recommend consulting your doctor before using our products should there be any concern at all.

Why are TRUE products so affordable?
We believe that beauty should be inclusive, not exclusive which is why we've made a conscious decision to reduce our profits so that you can benefit from premium, yet accessible natural and organic skincare.

Do you offer samples?
Unfortunately due to the volume of sample requests we receive, we are unable to send samples upon request.

How do I become a TRUE stockist?
Interested in stocking TRUE? Please email info@trueskincare.co.uk or complete our "Contact Us" form and someone will respond within 72 hours.

Charity Requests
Although we would love to help with each and every cause, unfortunately due to our existing commitments, the size of our business and the volume of requests we receive, we aren’t able to contribute to individual cases at this time.

Any other questions?
If you can't find what you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to get in touch by contacting us via our "Contact Us" form, or by emailing info@trueskincare.co.uk and someone will get back to you within 72 hours.