How Does Our Skin Change As We Age and How Our Prickly Pear & Algae Collagen Renewal Moisturiser Can Help?

How Does Our Skin Change As We Age and How Our Prickly Pear & Algae Collagen Renewal Moisturiser Can Help?

Our Prickly Pear & Algae Collagen Renewal Moisturiser sold out within minutes at our pre-launch this summer and we can totally see why! A beautiful creamy silky moisturizer that will help increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and increase skin hydration perfect for youth renewal and dry skin types.


How does our skin change as we get older?

As we age, changes occur in the layers of our skin, connective tissues start to break down and begin to cause dryness and loss of elasticity. You may even notice a decrease in skin firmness, radiance and smoothness with an increase of fine lines and wrinkles. Over time our natural skin cellular turnover depletes, our skin sheds typically in 1 week as babies and this increases up to 6-8 weeks when elderly. This is one reason why babies have ultra-smooth skin.



How does lifestyle impact our skin's age?

You may have the best skin regime, but your skin is also impacted by external factors, here a few examples that could be ageing your skin:


Sun Exposure

Excessive sun exposure and not applying sunscreen may lead too premature ageing to the skin by breaking down collagen and pigmentation changes, this can include sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles.



Ultraviolet light from the sun is said to be the worst culprit for skin ageing but this lifestyle change can be prevented by applying sunscreen and reapplying every 2-3 hours if exposed to the sun. Use sun hats and sunglasses for extra protection and avoid being out at peak times of the sun.



Many people are aware that smoking can have an impact on someone’s health, most would associate this with lung cancer but smoking can affect the skin health too. Not only does smoking release harmful toxins but it also reduces blood flow to the skin, and therefore decreasing oxygen and nutrients. This may result to fine lines, wrinkles and a loss of radiance to the skin. Heavy smokers may notice an increase of fine lines around the mouth area called “smokers lines”.


Diet and Nutrition

Overindulging in high sugary food and not enough of a good nutrition diet can take a toll on the skin. Vitamins tend to reach the skin last and therefore if you are deficient in any vitamins your skin may look duller and drier. Eating a well balance diet or going for a blood test to check for any vitamin deficiencies may help to prevent this.



Beauty Sleep

Sometimes you may feel there are not enough hours in the day to get more sleep but a lack of sleep results in inadequate cellular repair which may lead to skin imperfections and dark circles around the eye area. This can be prevented if you try to modify your lifestyle to prioritise better sleep patterns.


What makes our moisturiser unique?

A waterless, natural, organic and vegan moisturiser that has a luxury touch with all the below benefits:


  • Increases thickening of the skin and replenishes fine lines and wrinkles. Benefits: Rejuvenation and wound healing properties to firm and restore skin.
  • A lipid-replenishing moisturiser that boosts ceramides and strengths skin barrier.
  • Reinforces the barrier function and membrane fluidity, hydrates, and moisturiser.


Who is this best for?

Our Prickly Pear & Algae Collagen Renewal Moisturiser is best for mature skin types or anyone in there late 20s that wish to combat any premature signs of fine lines. Due to its rich silky texture, we would recommend this for normal to dry skin types, combination skin types may enjoy this moisturiser as a nighttime cream or in the colder months.


What is the best skincare regime for anti-aging?

We have created a TRUE Skincare routine for those looking for youth renewal skin benefits.


You may purchase our Prickly Pear & Algae Collagen Renewal Moisturiser here.


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