Founder Favourities

Founder Favourities

As the universe waves goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024, it was truly a special time for me and my husband, as we welcomed our baby boy into the world.

2023 was a challenging year for so many people, with countries in conflict and the cost of living putting pressure on us all; it’s certainly one which has had its highs and lows. As the founder of a small business, TRUE has been my baby for the last 5 years. And although we now have a human baby in our lives, I will continue to put my heart and soul into the business as I enter 2024 with more passion for the brand than ever before. In January 2023, I opened a fortune cookie that had been kindly gifted as part of my Chinese takeaway. In it, my fortune note read “Something that has taken all your strength will pay off”. It really resonated with me, so I put it in the back of my phone cover in case I ever doubted myself or what I was doing. We had to make some tough decisions in 2023, from stockists to strategy, but I can honestly say, the hard work has paid off. And I know that it is down to all of our wonderful TRUE customers that we’re entering 2024 stronger than ever and I cannot thank you enough for your support and shared passion for our products and purpose. It means the world. 

We have some really exciting things lined up for 2024 which I can’t wait to tell you about, but for the meantime, here are my founder favourites, which I want to share my love for (but, shhhh, don’t tell the others as I’m not meant to have favourites!)

1% Hyaluronic Acid Complex

This has been an absolute saviour for me during my pregnancy. I’ve used it on every part of my body! Due to its ability to help improve skin elasticity and both short and long term hydration, I’ve used this on my bump, boobs and bum(!) to prevent stretch marks, followed by a basic moisturiser and body oil. My face also became incredibly dry during my pregnancy (although I appreciate some people have the opposite reaction!), so this has been a daily essential for me.


Certified Organic Clarifying Safflower & Geranium Cleansing Oil

The product I cannot live without, wherever I am in the world! It’s super effective at removing my make-up (even waterproof mascara!) without stripping my skin, leaving it soft and supple. A little also goes a long way, so when travelling, I decant it into a small travel bottle – in fact, I even packed it into my hospital bag to take with me, that’s how much I rely on it!

Hydrating Blossom & Grapefruit Toner

This newly formulated product is the perfect end to my cleansing ritual. Usually a toner is made up of mostly water and often includes stripping alcohols, whereas this formulation includes clinically proven Grapefruit Extract as a base, combined with calming actives and zero alcohol. You can really feel the difference as skin is left feeling clean, calm and hydrated.

Radiance Renewal 10% Stabilised Vitamin C Serum

This is one of our best selling products, and for good reason. It also took us a bloody long time to develop so it had to make it in here! It uses 10% Ascorbyl Glucoside; a stable form of Vitamin C which the skin converts into L-Ascorbic Acid, making it much gentler on the skin while delivering incredible results. It helps to even the skin tone while stimulating collagen production and it’s perfect for all skin types; whether you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or looking to combat breakouts. It’s also my husband’s favourite product (shhh don’t tell him I told you!)

Certified Organic Softening Petitgrain & Rosemary Bath & Body Oil


With the stress of running a small business during a challenging year, combined with the physical and emotional pressures of being pregnant, this uplifting oil has been my little pick-me-up when some days seem tougher than others. And let’s face it, we all have those! But it’s so important to make time to take a deep breath, relax and reset, because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if some days, it seems a little bit further away.



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