Our Top Travel Destinations by Planet Pixels

We asked the wonderful wanderlust couple, Florence and Alex from @planet_pixels, to share their secrets on their top travel destinations. Here’s what they had to say….

Hello! Our names are Alex and Florence (@planet_pixels). Two 20 something year olds in search of adventure. We met 6 years ago at University and for the past 3 years have been travelling and working across 3 continents. Our adventure began when we booked a one way ticket and a Working Holiday Visa to Australia in 2015. Our first stop was Melbourne and with little money, our priority was finding farm work, to not only save to travel around Australia, but to complete our 88 days for a second year Visa; of course, we already had in our minds that a second year was what we wanted! We bought a Station Wagon which we lived in for a year and the rest is history.

These are our top 5 travel destinations.

1)    For an Epic Road Trip: Western Australia

Western Australia -  @planet_pixels

Western Australia - @planet_pixels

After having explored every single state in Australia, Western Australia was our last and final destination. Our station wagon had already travelled over 38,000km’s with us, so what a way to end this experience with an epic road trip from Darwin in Northern Territory to Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia.

There are many reasons WA is in our top 5 travel destinations. Not only is it the largest state in Australia, it is a road trip you will never forget. It offers desert, ocean, gorges with beautiful waterfalls and some of the best surf spots in the world and awesome underwater life.

It is a trip that has something for everyone; whatever you’re looking for, WA offers it. Whether you want to camp under the stars in your converted 4 by 4 camper, or hit the waves of the West Coast, this state will always leave you with a warm feeling in your heart.

The number one place we would recommend going to is Rottnest Island, a short ferry ride from Perth. The island is 19km from Perth. You can rent bikes and snorkel the day away. There are also the cutest animals called Quokkas that roam around. So grab yourself a ferry ticket, a bike and go and have a wonderful day adventure around Rottnest.

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2)    For the Great Outdoors: Finland

Finland -  @planet_pixels

Finland - @planet_pixels

Finland is a country that will always have a place in our hearts. Alex is half Finnish and has been travelling to Finland every year since he was 14. This Autumn we decided to go together and it has been one of our favourite holidays ever.

The best time to go to Finland ultimately depends on what experiences you are looking for. For a picturesque Winter Wonderland, the best time to go is around November to March for cold temperatures and lots of snow. Visiting Lapland in Northern Finland is a magical experience this time of year. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than meeting the one and only Santa Claus himself, his reindeers and have a husky ride. This is a spectacular time to see the Northern Lights and there is a variety of beautiful accommodation on offer; from glass igloos to cute cosy cabins.

You may want to have a summer where there is 24 hours of daylight and camp under the stars. Or you may take a trip when it is Autumn to witness the gorgeous tones of the trees. We were also extremely happy to have witnessed the Northern Lights in Joensuu, Eastern Finland, in October.

The experiences you can have in Finland are endless; you can visit traditional saunas and jump in near freezing lakes. You can go hiking through the forest and go Bear watching. You can try ice fishing and drink and eat gorgeous Finnish coffee and pastries. Just stepping outside and taking a deep breath of fresh air is enough to make you fall in love with this beautiful country.

Lapland is a highlight of any Finland trip. We recently stayed at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland and had an amazing time. Another experience we have loved visiting during October is doing a road trip of Eastern Finland. It has enormous lakes and is very relaxing, the locals are friendly and you can breathe some of the cleanest fresh air in the world.

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3)    For Yoga Serenity: Ubud, Bali

Bali, Indonesia, is one of our favourite countries. We particularly love Ubud, it’s got gorgeous veggie food and some beautiful tourist spots so close by.

There are so many amazing yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings in Ubud. It is a beautiful place to do it as the rice paddies are stunning and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Florence recently completed her teacher training at Azadi Retreat and it was one of the best experiences. We both went vegetarian for over 4 weeks and had never felt better.

Ubud is perfect if you want an escape from daily routines and to completely relax. We went in August 2018 and the weather was perfect for daily yoga. It wasn’t too hot and humid which made daily outdoor Vinyasa very bearable, though there was some rain. One of our top things to do in Ubud is to grab a fruit smoothie and walk around all the markets. You can pick up some great bargains and really beautiful clothes for those all important Instagram shots!

The best time to visit Ubud is when the rice is in full bloom; everything is green and it looks so beautiful. A hot spot is the Ubud swing. The pictures really don’t justify just how beautiful this is. The morning of afternoon golden hour makes this spot magical. There are also so many gorgeous vegan cafes in the centre. Our favourite was Muse Bali, a newly opened cafe offering raw vegetarian food. Perfect for days off during yoga trainings.

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4)    For Paradise Beaches: Thailand

Thailand -  @planet_pixels

Thailand - @planet_pixels

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Thailand and picture paradise beaches and coconuts; well it isn’t far off! Thailand is one of our favourite countries because there is so much variety from beaches to jungle, beautiful food and lovely people. The one thing we love most though, is the Southern Thai Islands. We love island hopping and taking some time to truly relax. With a coconut in hand and a beach all to ourselves, we are good to go.

What excites us about South of Thailand, is the beautiful underwater life. We are avid lovers of swimming, Freediving and taking our GoPro on an underwater adventure. With beautiful clear waters, this makes South of Thailand even more inviting. You can see turtles, coral reefs, tropical fish and amazing shipwrecks. The waters are warm and there are so many tours on offer to take you to beautiful spots; as well as a variety of diving courses and plenty of yoga to keep us both happy.

We recently visited Koh Tao in June and fell in love! This island is great for solo and couple travellers and offers some of the most beautiful underwater life. We explored the island with a scooter and found great places to freedive and relax in quiet areas. The landscape is beautiful and makes for some gorgeous photos. The food around the island is impressive; with a vast amount of restaurants, we found plenty of vegetarian food which makes this island a winner.

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5)    For Sweet Chaos: Vietnam

Vietnam -  @planet_pixels

Vietnam - @planet_pixels

Vietnam is one of our top destinations. We love this country due to its vast natural beauty, bustling cities and amazing ice coffee.

Vietnam is a great for the adventurous lot, there’s white water rafting in the North and Diving all along the coast. You can rent scooters and do the famous Top Gear mountain route, go shopping in Hoi An and eat some beautiful Vietnamese cuisine.

We have recently visited Ho Chi Minh City and loved this chaotic city. With beeping scooters at  every turn, this city is so exciting. There is many gorgeous eateries and a lot of activities on offer around the city, but in the meantime you can find us here sipping on an iced coffee, wandering around and taking in the surrounds.

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Thank you for reading.

Florence and Alex

Emma Thornton