EU, Please Uphold the Ban on Animal Testing

Thursday, March 11, 2021

I have always been a lover of animals – big and small - and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to see some of the world’s rarest enjoying their natural habitats. It’s my genuine love for our furry friends (and scaly ones too!) that made me absolutely adamant that TRUE Skincare would become a Leaping Bunny Approved brand right from the word “go”.

Today marks the 8 year anniversary that cosmetic testing on animals was banned in the EU. However, I write this with a heavy heart as, heartbreakingly, due to the way in which the Commission and ECHA interpret the relationship between the REACH regulations and the Cosmetics Regulation (sorry if it’s getting complicated!), animal testing is being required on some ingredients used in cosmetics – including some that are used exclusively for this purpose – despite being used safely for years. Although TRUE Skincare doesn’t use any of the ingredients on this list in any of our formulations, we are 100% against testing on animals and, as the name suggests, believe in complete transparency within the beauty industry for the benefit of our customers.

As a Leaping Bunny approved brand by Cruelty Free International, we were one of the 463 brands which signed an open letter to the Commission with animal protection organisations Cruelty Free Europe, PETA, ECEAE, Eurogroup for Animals and Humane Society International. Unfortunately, the response received was not a positive one.

We want to do everything we can to urge the Commission to review this matter and therefore will be writing an independent letter, as a brand and business, to the Commission President as well as continuing to raise awareness surrounding this unnecessary use of innocent lives.

We would love for all of our customers to show their support by raising awareness of this matter and showing your love for these innocent creatures which make our world a better place. Please do follow and share the information provided by the wonderful animal protection bodies; Cruelty Free Europe, PETA, ECEAE, Eurogroup for Animals and Humane Society International, who can provide further information on the matter and ways in which you can get involved.

You can find out more about this matter on the following websites:


Cruelty Free International:

Thank you,

Emma xx

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EU, Please Uphold the Ban on Animal Testing

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